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Upcoming events



8th – 10th of December 2023


Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139



Since 18th of December 2022


Meierei Gaaden
Anningerstraße 5
2531 Gaaden / Mödling

Contemporary exhibition at the Meierei Gaaden


Art has always been the source of inspiration, vision, expression of the momentary feeling, creation with the means that were available in the present of creation.

In painting, the already existing art object can create an awareness in the viewer of how, what, where, why it appeals to us and pleases us.
Of course, painting thrives on renewal and creativity. But already back then, art was innovative, modern, forward-looking. One must strive to think and work on new things with new styles, without losing respect for the old.

When I say sustainability, I don’t just mean economic or ecological sustainability, but above all social sustainability.
Looking at old works of art can trigger emotions, which lead to an interesting result with the revision of new materials and thoughts.
With this in mind, I created my artworks for this exhibition.


My way of working on canvas or on high-quality paper on custom-made prints, is through various techniques (screen printing, woodcut, linocut, aquatint) with motifs from well-known artists and current and epochal themes.

Subsequently, or only with acrylic paint in my personal way, it is spatulated, poured, sprayed and a painterly expression is created on the canvas. Old as well as well-known current motifs – but also abstract or from art history, which we should remember – are brought to the canvas with a modern handwriting and contemporary understanding of art.



Since 25th of June 2023


Entler – Ein Restaurant
Schlüsselgasse 2
1040 Vienna

Entler – Ein Restaurant



6th – 10th of September 2023


Zurich Main Station

My works of art can be seen from 09/06/2023 to 09/10/2023 in Zurich main station at the SWISSARTEXPO and will stand out in this atmosphere.
My paintings are a small selection from my last series GARDEN OF POETRY and an action art WORK SHIRT of my earlier works.
Among other numerous artists from different nationalities, which will be exhibited originally and also digitally, Niki De St. Phalle will also be exhibiting at the Swiss-Art-Expo.
Up to 80,000 visitors are expected at this fair.
I am really looking forward to this forthcoming exhibition, as this time I will be present in person.
More at:



15th of June – 18th of June 2023





17th of April – 26th of April 2023


345 Broome Street
New York 10013

2 Days in B/W


20. + 21. January 2023


f6 The open factory.
Esterhazygasse 3/1
1060 Vienna

Wolf Sailer 2023 2 Days in B/W

One of my greatest form of expression, also in this exhibition, is “abstract art”. The access to “contemporary art” is really special to me and it always brings me absolute joy to create in this manner.

So in every picture I try to bring my innermost being to the canvas with a lot of emotion and passion, bringing to life the idea and applying the colors in mostly different mixing techniques with black and white, in rough but also fine strokes.

In my technique, the acrylic paint is diluted, first applied with water by pouring it onto the canvas.
It is smudged with a spatula and wiper blades.
Small segments of color are emotionally sprayed with a brush using somewhat thinning to solid paint, or dripped from smaller containers or wiped with the hands.
Then the painting is refined with a brush and acrylic binder.

In some pictures, creative focus is set through screen prints (screen prints of soldiers) or directly carried out by active actions such as e.g. shoe sole prints, which are used to connect the image to more expression and topics.

For this exhibition, the topics CONFLICTS IN THE WORLD and WARS, among other things, kept me busy, which unfortunately will not end any time soon. Many people in our world do not live in peace, which shouldn’t be ignored and what I want to remind of constantly. The strong central escalation of the global order conflict between liberal democracies and autocratic regimes are unfairly carried out and affect us very much on a small scale.

Another big topic that has changed our lives is the current Russian attacks on Ukraine, which has caused the number of refugees to rise to over 100 million people.
As a result, roughly the equivalent of one percent of the world’s population is on the run.

Due to these influences in the world, I tried to pick up some of these issues and relate them to the current situation. The possibility of interpreting the work of art itself should inform in this mood and with the help of monochrome b/w presentation, about what was felt or thought during the editing and the artistic process.

7 Million Colors


25. – 27. March 2022


Dessous Artspace
Geblergasse 101
1170 Vienna

7 Million Colors / TRANSFORMATION

Acrylic Painting – Metall – Leaf – Screen Printing – Paper Collage

Creating new perspectives and transformations and expressing many things through my pictures has always been very important to me. Colored representations are brought together through print, acrylic, gold and silver leaf and paper collages, with a creative emphasis in this technique.

The synthesis of traditional values with the growing prosperity of broad sections of society and the cultural influences in the world led to the development of modern consumer society at the beginning of the 1950s.

Not only prominent personalities, but also the modern developments were taken in these works of art from original tabloid magazines of the 50s and put together in part characteristicly, in part expressively.

The process of change, from the current state to a desired goal in the near future, is not only understood by “transformation” alone, it also represents a fundamental and lasting change in our time.

In today’s age, permanent transformation processes are unavoidable for companies and humanity due to revolutionary development and rapid economic growth.

The process here, for example, of applying the silver and gold leaf is a primer work that ennobles the base of the picture. It thus reinforces and favors not only the prominence of the work, but an apparently emerging age.

The use of colored patterns in acrylic is intended to add color to the artwork. Overall, as a unit, an apparently predetermined clarity. Even a pictorial metamorphosis, – the transformation of the artist, in the form of a contemplating wolf – should observe a certain value in material society, objectively and even on the art market.

Nevertheless, a preserved testimony and an icon association with a connecting look.